Meow Wolf

The Challenge

Bringing AR to a world-renowned immersive experience.

The Solution

Creating a solid operations plan that is scalable using the Enklu platform. Easily adaptable with new features and artworks.

The Results

An experience that will blow. your. mind.

Experience Features

3D Assets

Out of this world assets, provided by client and brought to life with Enklu

Cohesive Aesthetic

Seamless and cohesive aesthetic that intertwines with real world components.

CGI Guide

CGI guide to lead guests through the mysteries, and turns of a storyline.

“Enklu’s efficiency and application is like oh shit, let’s rock on this thing.”
Jim Ward, Co-CEO @ Meow Wolf
"Enklu is a very user-friendly cloud-based platform!"
Genell Hoechstetter, Senior Creative Director, Meow Wolf
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