The Unreal Garden

The Challenge

Creating an interactive experience filled with wonder, where guests aged 5 to 85 alike are eager to explore.

The Solution

An augmented reality playscape filled with magical flora, fauna and artwork. A space transformed by storytelling.

The Results

The world’s most advanced accessible and shareable holographic experience, creating lifetime fans ready for their second or third visit.

Experience Features

Digital Narrator & Tour Guide

Meet “CG”, the animated butterfly created specifically to engage, guide and joke with guests.

Three Unique Acts

Unlike most experiences, The Garden has three unique scenes that seamless switch as a guest progresses through the story.

Cutting Edge Interactions

Have you ever picked up a holographic carrot to feed to a holographic bunny? Using scripts, hand tracking, and AR physics, guests now can!

"At the end of the day, the real magic comes from the experience you share with your visiting group. The technology and the physical installation are both just backdrops for the human interactions you’ll take with you."
Ray Kallmeyer, Creative Director and Executive Producer, The Unreal Garden
“Something unique. Like life itself, there are so many paths to choose and so it is with The Unreal Garden. Touched my heart strings in many ways. This is truly UNREAL!”
Mary R., Guest Review, The Unreal Garden
“You guys did a phenomenal job. You should be very proud. THIS IS AMAZING!”
Michael N., Guest Review, The Unreal Garden
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