Drive traffic and delight Gen Z.

Verse Immersive: the world’s only Holographic Theater (AR) aimed at attracting new customers to your arcade, entertainment center, or museum. Verse includes Hardware, Software, Training, and Support to help you activate any space and stay on the cutting-edge of entertainment.


Endless Benefits

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Truly novel. Truly cutting-edge. We are the only at-scale providers of immersive augmented reality experiences, er, Holographic Theatres, in the world!

The Whole Package

Turnkey Content



Installation & Training

Marketing Collateral

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

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Apples to Oranges

Verse impact for LBEs

Offer something that no one else in your city, or likely state, has! While there are over 500 VR activations nationwide, and 100,000 VR headsets in homes, few have experienced the magic of immersive augmented reality. Don’t miss out on the chance to be at the forefront of the location-based entertainment industry.

Not only is Verse appealing to a broad demographic, but it also operates with high margins and low overhead, making it a reliable and stable investment for your business. With high throughput and experiences that justify $25+ ticket prices, you can expect a strong return on investment within six months.

Verse is designed for the social media generation. All content is accessible both on the AR headsets, as well as on iOS and Android devices, allowing guests to share their memories, helping raise awareness and generate demand for your business.

Whether you want Verse to be the center of attention or activating a space typically used for private parties, the exact same immersive experience could be installed into 1.2k sqft or 12k sqft. We scan the space, upload the floor plan into our software, and then digitally install the content to fit perfectly into any venue. No physical buildout required.

The longer a party stays at your venue, the more they spend. Our portfolio of non-violent content has something for the whole family.

Proof is in the Pudding


Partnering with Enklu / Verse has been a remarkable educational journey for our team. While deep diving the emergent AR/Metaverse space for the past couple of years we’ve found their professional vibe and bleeding edge industry experience incomparable!

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