Drive traffic and increase revenue with augmented reality.

Are you ready to refresh your entertainment business with the augmented reality (AR) revolution sweeping the US? We will convert your empty space into a 5-Star immersive experience with cutting-edge hardware, award-winning family-friendly content, and end-to-end support to help attract new audiences and delight the social-media generation!

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A truly immersive mixed reality experience unlike any other

Verse Immersive:
The Holographic Theatre SM

The all-in-one product to transform your venue into an immersive augmented reality playground. Guests put on Augmented Reality headsets and enter a new reality filled with inventive stories, artistic adventures, and engaging social interactions. 

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WOW Factor
Truly novel. Truly cutting-edge. We are the only at-scale providers of immersive augmented reality experiences, er, Holographic Theatres, in the world!

Everything you need to drive traffic and increase revenue

All you need is an empty space and we’ll manage everything from installing the attraction to helping you market it on social media!

Evergreen Content

New Experiences & Seasonal Updates every 8-12 weeks!

Cutting Edge Hardware

Microsoft HoloLens 2

Management Portal

Full access to customize experiences to your venue

Installation & Training

Digital Install, Staff Training, & Live Operations - We'll be on-site every step of the way!

Marketing Collateral

Receive pre-created and market-validated ads to market the experience

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Email, Phone, & Zoom Support

The secret behind the best return on investment (ROI)

Low overhead and high margins come from years of operational expertise. With Verse, you have an operating partner who eats their own dog food! Our advantage is a vertically integrated entertainment technology with proprietary and patented software! Top-tier quality and accessibility mean happy customers and employees!


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How Augmented Reality (AR) compares to Virtual Reality (VR)

Bring Immersive Experiences To Your Venue


Guests of all ages enjoy an unforgettable family-friendly adventure weaving through an interactive story land filled with animals, riddles, and secrets to uncover, challenging the mind and stimulating the senses.


Embark on a holographic odyssey through our solar system and experience the thrill of space exploration in a new and innovative way, inspiring a greater appreciation for the vastness and beauty of our universe.


An exclusive cutting-edge glimpse into the future of  holographic art.  Quiz based game play invites you to guess whether each piece of art you are looking at was created by a legendary traditional artist, a modern day digital artist, or generative AI model.


Cutting-edge science and cognitive techniques merge to reveal your hidden potential! Cast spells at 3 variations of moving targets, all with varying difficulties to hit and corresponding point values. Race against the clock to destroy the targets needed to advance to the next round!

Verse impact for LBEs

Drive Traffic

Offer something that no one else in your city, or likely state, has! While there are over 500 VR activations nationwide, and 100,000 VR headsets in homes, few have experienced the magic of immersive augmented reality. Don’t miss out on the chance to be at the forefront of the location-based entertainment industry.

Fast Return on Investment

Not only is Verse appealing to a broad demographic, but it also operates with high margins and low overhead, making it a reliable and stable investment for your business. With high throughput and experiences that justify $25+ ticket prices, you can expect a strong return on investment within six months.

Boost Organic Marketing

Verse is designed for the social media generation. All content is accessible both on the AR headsets, as well as on iOS and Android devices, allowing guests to share their memories, helping raise awareness and generate demand for your business.

Turn Empty Space into Revenue Generator

Whether you want Verse to be the center of attention or activating a space typically used for private parties, the exact same immersive experience could be installed into 1.2k sqft or 12k sqft. We scan the space, upload the floor plan into our software, and then digitally install the content to fit perfectly into any venue. No physical buildout required.

Increase Average Spend

The longer a party stays at your venue, the more they spend. Our portfolio of non-violent content has something for the whole family.

Why Invest In A Holographic Theater FOR YOUR VENUE OR EVENT?

Viral worthy experiences that drive traffic and everyone wants to share

Hoping to add a cutting-edge attraction, but can’t find anything that drives new & repeat customers, supports high throughput, and is flexible enough to fit in any space? LOOK NO FURTHER!

Activation success through a winning roadmap

The team at Enklu is dedicated to your success, and our support is fully included in your investment. We spent the last 3 years operating our own LBE activations in multiple tier-1 cities across the United States. We did this so that we would understand at a granular level the best way to operate these experiences. Having hosted 100k+ attendees, we have perfected the playbook and are ready to empower others to share this incredible technology with the masses. We’ll guide you through design, site selection, construction, marketing, and technology – and will be with you every step of the way following your launch.


When you partner with Enklu, you don’t just get an amazing immersive experience for your venue or event with the potential for a great return on investment; you also benefit from an AR experience that is built for social engagement.

A business that markets itself

Verse Holographic Theater experiences are not only enjoyable but also inherently social and engaging, catering to the social media generation’s thirst for exciting content. Each guest can walk away with a captivating, viral video of their experience, perfect for sharing on social media platforms. This approach empowers your visitors to market your business for you, driving viral growth and engagement.

Our technology and media teams continuously refine, update, and create new experiences, ensuring guests keep bringing more friends to your business. And all art is accessible on the AR headsets as well as iOS and Android devices, allowing guests to easily share their memories online, raising even more awareness and generating demand.


“Partnering with Enklu / Verse has been a remarkable educational journey for our team. While deep diving the emergent AR/Metaverse space for the past couple of years we’ve found their professional vibe and bleeding edge industry experience incomparable!”


Dovid Grant, Verse Orlando Licensee

Partnering with Enklu / Verse has been a remarkable educational journey for our team. While deep diving the emergent AR/Metaverse space for the past couple of years we’ve found their professional vibe and bleeding edge industry experience incomparable!

Partnering with Enklu / Verse has been a remarkable educational journey for our team. While deep diving the emergent AR/Metaverse space for the past couple of years we’ve found their professional vibe and bleeding edge industry experience incomparable!

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