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Commercial License

Commercial projects require a Commercial License. This is an add-on after you purchase a plan above.


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“I am very impressed with the Enklu Cloud web editor, a great opportunity for JS developers for HoloLens and Kinect.”
Aysegul Yonet Senior Cloud Developer Advocate
“Enklu is a very professional team, not only in developing AR content but in fulfilling their customer’s needs.”
Daisuke Nakayama General Manager
“We were so happy to partner with Enklu to bring the story of 5G to life, captivating and educating guests with AR.”
Kay Dalton Founder
“With Enklu, we produced something highly engaging and highly interactive. Enklu has been fantastic to work with!”
Corey Hansen Sr. Program Mgr, Executive Briefing Center

I Have A Few Questions

  • Do I need to download Enklu Cloud?
    Nope! Build AR experiences with Enklu Cloud directly in your web browser.
  • Am I able to use Enklu Cloud without programming experience?
    Yes! Enklu Cloud offers access to a drag and drop public script library for anyone to use. Want your ball to bounce? Just drag the public Bounce script onto your ball asset element!
  • I am a programmer. Can I create my own custom scripts?
    Absolutely! In Enklu Cloud, you can create Behavior scripts using JavaScript and Vine scripts using VineML (a simple markup language).
  • I am not a 3D artist. Will I need to create my own 3D assets?
    Nope! Enklu Cloud offers access to a drag and drop public asset library for anyone to use. We are always adding new assets to our public asset library, so keep a lookout for more!
  • I am a 3D artist. Can I use my own 3D assets?
    Absolutely! You can import your own 3D assets with custom textures, shaders, animations, etc and Enklu Cloud will automatically format them for our target platforms. Assets will be automatically available for new platforms as we support them.
  • Are files I upload to Enklu Cloud publicly available to anyone?
    No. The public asset and script libraries we provide are available to anyone. But any content you upload or create within Enklu Cloud is only available to you and those with whom you specifically share your experiences. You can add others to your experience as collaborators with View or Edit permissions. You can also update or remove these permissions at any time.
  • What 3D file types are supported?
    Currently, Enklu Cloud supports two 3D model formats: '.obj' and .'fbx', though more supported formats are on their way.
  • What devices are supported?
    Enklu currently supports the Microsoft HoloLens 1 & HoloLens 2.
  • Can users collaborate remotely?
    Yes, users can view and share assets remotely and make changes in real time for all users across all devices.
  • What does Enklu use for multiplayer optimization?
    Enklu uses an in-house multiplayer server built on top of Akka.NET. We transfer data in byte buffers and use hashes where needed to slim down our I/O payloads as much as possible. When clients join/reconnect, they receive a delta of everything that has occurred from the initial scene state, so getting initial game state is also very fast.